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Nold was developed not only for residential, but also for business purposes. Easy integration and complete access control for office buildings, fitness centers, coworking places or garage rental.

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Multifunctional access control

With the Nold system you can manage your guest easily and securely.

  • lock

    Secure access

    You can grant access for your employees with a single tap and track their usage. In case of an exit, no need for asking the access badge or modifying the password. Simply revoke the access online.
  • vpn_key

    Compatible with existing devices

    The Nold Open device is compatible not only with electric gates, but also magnetic locks. Without removing the entire door or lock, you can easily install and activate your Nold device.
  • date_range

    Recurring access

    Sometimes it's difficult to control the access of the support staff: set certain date or period for your virtual keys to let the cleaning ladies or maintenance guys enter the buildings individually each time.
  • person_add

    Professional guest management

    Do you organise a party for external partners? Send a timelimited key for your exclusive guests, which will be valid until the chosen day.

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