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Meet your new garage door opener

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Introducing Nold Open, the combination of a hardware and a free software development tailored to your needs. A real solution which is smarter than you think.

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Comfortable solution for the whole family

Simplify your life and use your phone as your key. The grandparents don't have any? No problem, still can control the gates by the traditional remote control.

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  • bluetooth Powered by the latest Bluetooth Smart wireless technology.
  • signal_cellular_off Nold Open works offline even if you don't have a wifi connection.

Painless and fast installation

Nold Open connects to your existing automatic garage door & gate opener. Installation is a simple process that you can do all on your own.

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  • build Compatible with most electric garage doors, gates and other entry systems.
  • settings_input_component Due to the two built-in relays, two separate gates can be connected to your device.

The perfect experience

Use the Nold App for simple set-up and control.
Integrate all your existing remote controls into a single app.

  • smartphone The Nold application is available on iOS and Android phones for free.
  • share Grant access for your friends & family members. Send the invitation by email.
  • library_add Control and manage unlimited number of Nold Open devices with a single app.
  • lock_open End-to-end encryption ensures a high level security for your device and data.

Let’s take the first step to the smart world and
control your garage door with Nold Open.

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Share access with your friends and family

Nold Open allows you to grant or revoke access of your garage or gate from different guests by using their email address.

  • supervisor_account Unlimited number of phones can be connected to one Nold Open device.
  • access_time You can setup your shared keys to automatically expire on a given day.

Manage your guests remotely in the cloud

The simple-to-use cloud website allows you to manage large number of guests and devices in your browser easily.

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  • cloud Stay connected! Wherever you are, you can manage your devices and guests online.
  • code API access for developers to integrate guest management in their own solutions.

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