Save time and boost up your visitor number with our solution!

Managing AirBnB can be a time-consuming activity due to the constant waiting time. Now we will show you how to simplify this process.

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Automated guest management for your comfort

The better you improve your home, the better reviews you will get from your visitors.
We offer a secure and effective access control system which is controlled only by you!

  • event_available

    Virtual key exchange

    Via the Nold application you can share access with your guests which will be valid only in the chosen time period.
  • beenhere

    Easy self check-in & check-out

    Don't worry about who will wait for your guests' arrival and leave! Via the cloud-based website your can easily check when do your visitors arrive or leave the flat.
  • dialpad

    Compatible with intercoms and door locks

    One of the main advantages is that Nold Open can be connected to almost any kind of electric doors.
  • help

    Technical support

    If you have any questions regarding the installation or application usage, feel free to approach us via email or chat surface.

Are you involved in the home rental business?

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