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We released new versions for all of our apps

In the last couple of months we were working hard on introducing our Cloud app, which lets you use Nold as a commercial access control system. To learn more about this, click here. Apart from this feature, we fixed a bunch of bugs and improved the overall stability and performance of our apps, mainly based on the feedback that you and other Nold users provided to us.

So today we released three updates, version 1.2 for iOS, version 1.1 for Android and version 1.1 for Cloud.

Changes in guest management

Previously, if you shared access with your guests to multiple devices, you had to invite them separately for each device, so every shared key was treated as a separate guest. From now on, you'll see a new menu in the Cloud called Manage Guests, which will give you a list of all of your guests and you can see if once specific guest has access to more than once device. If a single guest is deleted, all access will be removed from all devices. 

New features, fixes on both iOS and Android

  • Both iOS and Android now supports Nold Cloud. Once you are a paid subscriber, you can share scheduled access with your guests, use our API and more
  • We simplified the guest selection process when you share a key. Still not satisfied with it fully, but we think its a step in the right direction. 
  • When you revoked access from someone and you were required to apply these changes on the device, you had to manually refresh the key list on your phone to see this change. Now it will appear automatically.
  • Updated firmware update process.
  • Fixed: some users were signed off automatically from the app after a period of time, but the app appeared to run normally. Now if you are signed out for some reason, we will just ask for you password again.
  • Fixed: when you revoked access from someone and immediately shared access with new guests, the new guest access didn't worked until you confirmed the revoke action on the device. Now it works in the meantime too.

Changes on iOS

  • Key list is refreshed on app launch automatically
  • You need to hold down a key a little longer to change the order(to avoid accidental touches)
  • Sound feedback when a key is used(you can turn this on in the app settings)

Changes on the Cloud

  • A new menu called Manage guests, where you can see all of your guests invited to all of your devices. 
  • With activity feeds, you can see your guests activity. Available only with the premium subscription.
  • Slightly redesigned and improved invite process and date/time select interface.
  • Works on mobile browsers too. 

Firmware updates

We released updates to the firmware too. Please keep in mind that you can only update the firmware with the iOS application.

  • Nold Open FW version 2.0 Support for BLE4.2 Fix a connection issue with certain Android phones
  • Nold Open FW version 1.23 interim release to fix a flash page alignment bug in the bootloader
  • Nold Open FW version 1.22 minor bug fixes

If you encounter any issues after the update, please try to sign out and sign in again. Restarting your phone might help too, a solution which we suggest to you now only with great regret and self-loathing.


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