Nold Cloud 2.0 and mobile bugfixes

If you experience an unusal operation or malfunction, we suggest you to ask your guests to delete the shared key, delete yours (the master key) then start again the invitation process from the beginning.

Check out this article to see how you can invite guests: How do i grant access to other people?

What's new in version 2.0 for Nold Cloud

  • A brand new design. Everything is more streamlined and follows our new design language (sneak peak: you can expect the same for our mobile apps soon).
  • Now you can edit the guests' permissions without deleting and inviting them again. 
  • Keyboard shortcuts: press ? on any screen to see the available keyboard shortcuts for the current page. 
  • You can now import guests from an Excel file too. Order of the columns doesn't matter, juts make sure it has an email and a name column - you can pair these fields after uploading the file
  • Fully compatible with touchscreen devices. This is great for tablets - simply pin the site to your homescreen for quick access.
  • Improvements for activity feeds: you can filter the feed based on specific devices and guests. You can also export the feed based on the selected time frame as a CSV file, which you can read later via Excel for example.
  • The subscription process is improved a lot, now its easier to subscribe to our Premium plan, even on mobile.
  • Multilingual compatibility: just like our mobile apps, the Cloud now works in multiple languages. For starters: English, Hungarian and Romanian.
  • You can now search your devices in "Your devices" menu.
  • Custom emails: you can setup your own invitation emails with your own branding and text for each device you have.
  • Fixed: previously resetting your password had some issues. Now 60% of the time, it works every time.
  • Fixed: an issue with Google Chrome, where the login form was invisible.
  • Fixed: an issue with live updates - if you delete, add or modify a device with your phone, changes will be visible instantly in your browser.
  • Fixed: you can now change the name of a device on the Cloud website too.

Nold Open 1.2.1 for iOS

  • You can now toggle the sound feedback and vibration (when you use a key) in the app settings menu.
  • Fixed: previously the app asked for your password even though you were not registered.
  • Fixed: improved firmware update process - now you can receive a phone call or close the app in the middle of an update, without causing an issue.

Nold Open 1.1.2 for Android

  • Fixed: with the previous update devices with an increased impulse length did not worked with Android. Now it works again.

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