Is Nold Cloud free?

We offer both free and paid subscriptions for Nold Cloud. With the free package, you can access the same features on the Cloud website just like in the application. With a paid subscription, you'll gain more functions tailored for access control and management, like activity feeds, batch user management, advanced restrictions and more. See the comparison below:

Feature comparison Free Premium
Number of devices Unlimited
Buy devices separately, one by one
Up to 5 devices
One device included, additional devices with discounts
Number of guests Unlimited 100 guests
Key sharing
Share unlimited access to your guests
 yes yes 
Advanced sharing
Create time-limited and recurring access for your guests
 10 keys  yes
Activity feed
See your guests activity in real time
 Stored for 5 days  yes
Get notifications on your phone about your guest’s activity
 no  yes
Import guests
Import large number of guests from an Excel file
 no  yes
API access
Build Nold’s functionality into any app using our open API
 no  yes
Support Email Premium support
Share with QR codes
Display your shared keys as a QR code for faster invitations
 no  yes
Bulk actions
Select multiple guests and keys to edit them
 no  yes
Custom emails
Use your own branding in the invitation emails
 no  yes

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