Make your home smarter with our solution!

People tend to believe that building a smart home requires a huge investment. Now we will show you how you can make your own while keeping your existing devices.

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Real solution for the whole family

Nothing else to do just connect the Nold device to your existing gate opener and
download the free application. Follow the steps and use your phone as your remote control!

  • smartphone

    Discover a new remote control

    Don't worry anymore where is the remote control or the batteries died again. Take full control with the Nold app!
  • settings_input_component

    One device, two gates

    One Nold Open device can control up to 2 garage doors or gates therefore you can choose different operational modes e.g.: partial open mode
  • people

    Grant access to whoever you want

    Share your virtual keys with your family members & friends even remotely. Due to the user-friendly app your guests could easily access your gate.
  • settings_remote

    Old opener still work

    There might be some relatives who don't have any smartphone. It cannot be a problem: besides Nold Open, you can use your existing remote controls.

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