Our story

Established in 2016 as a European software and hardware developing company, Nold Technologies has found its niche in Smart Home segment.

We are introducing high-tech developments which help people building up their own smart world. We are integrating the Bluetooth Smart technology to create userfriendly, smart devices for everyday use.

Our mission is to make the smart technology accessible for everyone and provide a unique chance for quality life.

According to our brand philosophy we are keen to provide quality service not only in our developments but also the customer support what we ensure.

The key elements what describe our company is the longterm experience in high technology, product design and reliable partnership with manufacturing companies.

We are looking for challenges because we believe that improvement is possible. Our team members are striving for excellence and not satisfied with half solutions.

Our vision is to bring closer the smart technology to people and upgrade their lifes through our developments.

More and more people want connected home security and control that is simple to use, reliable and secure. Nold is developing a full range of easily connectable, cost and energy-efficient smart home devices which ensure maximum compatibility across platforms.

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